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Top 10 HR Cloud Solution Companies 2016

HR departments are increasingly leveraging cloud-based solutions to become more agile and reap the benefits of optimized business processes. As the current workforce is often dispersed across geographies, cloud-based HR solutions offer employees the flexibility to access and share information from anywhere, which is vital to remain productive. For the HR department, the advantages of cloud solutions are multitude. It is cost effective, scalable, and offers an array of features that the traditional on-premise systems fail to provide.

Today, many solution providers offer cloud-based HR solutions that seamlessly handle challenges in the HR management arena. These solutions have various features like workforce analytics, improved ability to streamline payroll process, an efficient database with complete employee information, and robust performance management tools to track employee performance. Additional capabilities include self-service options and benefits administration to make HR management even simpler.

In an effort to help CIOs, CHROs and CEOs find the right cloud-based HR solution provider, a team of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed scores of HR solution providers and shortlisted the most innovative companies.

We have evaluated the vendors’ ability to offer solutions that are customizable and scalable enough to meet the ever-changing demands of HR departments within organizations. We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 HR Cloud Solution Providers 2016.

    Top HR Cloud Solution Companies

  • A cloud-based workforce management solution for scheduling employees, managing time and attendance, tracking performance, and improving workplace communication.

  • Providing new age performance management software redefining employee appraisals resulting in aligned and improved overall operations performance.

  • Providing seamless human capital management technology and services designed to help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently.

  • A provider of industry leading suite of cloud based software products and FastTrack coaching support solely focused on helping clients successfully execute their strategy.

  • Provides online employee scheduling software that frees up time for business owners and shift managers.

  • Provides cloud-based human capital management technology to streamline payroll and HR process.

  • Provides a powerful and complete workforce management platform designed to fit the specific needs of service-industry brands.

  • Offers a cloud-based recruiting software designed to help companies hire better.

  • Provider of cloud-based HR solutions to customers worldwide.

  • Offers four fully integrated suites including training, human resources, operations, and communications providing companies with unprecedented reporting on employees across the country and worldwide.