EPAY Systems: Seamless Human Capital Management

Frank Ruffolo, CEO, EPAY SystemsFrank Ruffolo, CEO
Fast-changing market trends are pressurizing organizations to manage their workforce as efficiently as possible. For many firms, this means adopting new HR technologies. The potential benefits of integrated human capital management include increased productivity, better labor planning, and significant savings monetarily. “We’ve seen a great shift in the marketplace in recent years. Point solutions have become too much for companies to handle due to the complexity of integration and training of multiple solutions. We continue to hear our customers tell us that simplicity is key,” says Frank Ruffolo, CEO of EPAY Systems. “More than ever, companies want one system that will be easier for their employees to learn and operate and provide more streamlined workflows.”

EPAY Systems was founded in 2001 with the goal of developing flexible, yet affordable workforce management technology for a previously under-served market— companies with difficult-to-track workforces, where conventional systems had previously failed. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include a fully integrated suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) software and administrative services—including recruiting and applicant tracking, new hire on-boarding, benefits administration, time and labor management and payroll.

EPAY’s completely seamless, cloud-based HCM system allows firms to manage HR in ways not possible with on-premise solutions. From efficiently onboarding new hires to updating work schedules in real-time to reviewing developing overtime costs, up-to-date information is always readily available. “With our system, users only need to create an employee record once and it is available across the full suite,” adds Ruffolo. “They can see pay stubs and time off on a desktop or mobile device and perform on-boarding functions themselves, saving HR staff valuable time.”

With our system, users only need to create an employee record once and it is available across the full suite

Today, organizations want a single system that will streamline workflows and enable them to focus more on their core business. EPAY’s unified human capital management technology includes a host of built-in compliance safeguards to help protect companies from wage and hour violations and labor lawsuits stemming from unpaid overtime, meal-break violations, and payroll errors.

One of EPAY’s long-term clients, a large U.S. based building service contractor with over 30,000 employees, approached Ruffolo for assistance in managing labor on a real-time basis. With labor making up about 70 percent of their costs, they needed a system that allowed them to track time and efficiently prepare payroll. EPAY’s technology helped the client achieve their goal—giving them a complete overview of employee attendance on job and location, presenting a clear view of where they stood in terms of labor budgets. “We enabled the client to drive efficiencies within their payroll function and reduce payroll-related expenses,” adds Ruffolo.

EPAY has invested significantly in creating a secure cloud environment for their customers, utilizing the latest security systems to defend against potential threats. “EPAY’s data is hosted in a private cloud with dedicated servers and data encryption, making sure customers experience as little disruption as possible while guaranteeing at least 99.95 percent uptime,” elucidates Ruffolo. EPAY aims to continue expanding its offerings, adding new services to the portfolio that make clients more efficient and help them save money. “It’s our goal to simplify HR workflows, help companies cut labor expenses, improve labor compliance, and manage people more effectively through our human capital management solutions,” concludes Ruffolo.