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Top 10 Cloud Solution Companies - 2017

Cloud computing has pervaded several areas of enterprise operations, including the Human Resources (HR). With enterprises continually expanding their business, HR departments are required to brace themselves for the challenge of recruiting, training, and nurturing quality talent, in limited timeframes. In order to assist the HR department in cultivating an engaged and productive workforce, CHROs are turning to cloud-based solutions to inject automation and simplicity.

Cloud-based HR platforms have the potential to help organizations immensely in automating several processes around the recruitment and maintenance of employee records. They can integrate with social media and various collaboration tools to screen applicants and provide HR managers with access to a bigger talent pool. Further, many platforms feature support for analytics, which eases the task of identifying the right candidates from the vast pool of talent. The user-friendliness is further accentuated by providing mobile access to enterprise data which gives teams the flexibility to work from anywhere, at anytime. As cloud evolves and further transforms the HR landscape, businesses need to prudently implement the cloud solution that effectively meets their requirements.

To help organizations deploy the best cloud environment for their HR operations, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the HR Tech Outlook editorial board has evaluated companies with a proven record in successfully assisting enterprises with robust HR cloud solutions. The companies featured here fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex HR landscape.

In this edition of HR Tech Outlook, we present to you the Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Cloud Solution Companies

  • Helps companies drive employee engagement and recognition by facilitating instant feedback.

  • HR Cloud’s Workmates connects employees and increases engagement.

  • Develops a single application that lowers labor costs, drives employee engagement, and reduces exposure.

  • Provides intuitive recruiting, HR, and Payroll solutions to help manage people, reduce redundancy, and simplify HR processes.

  • Technology to drive engagement in employee referral and internal talent mobility programs.

  • Empowers companies with unprecedented reporting on employees across the country and worldwide.

  • Cornerstone OnDemand [NASDAQ:CSOD]

    Cornerstone OnDemand [NASDAQ:CSOD]

    Develops cloud-based human capital management software solutions.

  • Kronos


    Provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions.

  • Ultimate Software [NASDAQ:ULTI]

    Ultimate Software [NASDAQ:ULTI]

    Developer of cloud-based UltiPro that helps simplify human resources, payroll, and human capital management concerns.

  • Workday [NYSE:WDAY]

    Workday [NYSE:WDAY]

    Provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources.