Questback: The Power of Feedback to Transform Organizations

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Frank Møllerop, CEO, QuestbackFrank Møllerop, CEO
“Today’s employees have formed a novel perspective about the way they want to work. Instead of merely working toward a career goal, the new generation workforce is more focused on the value and variety of experiences that their jobs offer,” remarks Frank Møllerop, CEO of Questback— provider of a feedback platform helping companies better understand their customers, effectively engage employees, and outperform markets. The concept of one full-time job for life has been radically replaced by transient work choices showcased by the continuing rise of freelance workers. But what hasn’t changed—and will not change—is the importance of people. Organizations across industries need to implement innovative methods and techniques to engage, retain, and empower their workforce. They must revise how they interact with and respond to their people, revamping traditional methods of soliciting and acting on employee feedback.

The employee feedback landscape must keep up with changing workforce behaviors and a hyper-competitive business world. This requires enterprises to mature beyond elementary metrics and embrace the transformative power of feedback-driven insights. Questback’s employee feedback software evolves with an organization for that reason from traditional annual and more frequent pulse surveys to embedded feedback solutions. In doing so, Questback provides deeper, more intelligent insights into the employee experience. By transforming these insights into tangible business results, the company helps organizations develop highly-engaged employees who drive emotionally-engaged customers, thus boosting productivity and performance.

Questback’s remit is to transform feedback data across the entire employee lifecycle into valuable insights. The feedback software is a part of the company’s performance suite, which comprehensively focuses on leadership audits, employee engagement, customer retention, team improvement, and more.
In the case of team improvement, Questback offers a performance enhancement application—Qubie—built inside Microsoft Teams. Embedded in existing workflows non-intrusively, Qubie empowers teams to give and receive feedback, optimizing the overall performance. In addition, Questback’s platform simultaneously supports multiple use cases and seamlessly transfers data between applications, thus differentiating the company from competitors offering niche feedback solutions.

Questback works with companies across all industries— from banking and manufacturing to government and healthcare. Its client roster currently includes the world’s fifth largest employer and a notable German automotive manufacturer. “To improve performance and succeed continually, organizations must establish a culture of trust through a cycle of active listening, transparent dialogue, insightful analysis, and meaningful action. Today, trust among all stakeholders— employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the larger market—holds the power to give enterprises a tremendous competitive edge,” states Møllerop. By enhancing employee productivity and customer loyalty through a culture of trust, Questback successfully caters to more than 5000 clients across 50 countries. The company offers two more suites—governance and market research—in conjunction with the performance suite, consisting of whistleblowing, conflict of interests, environmental initiatives, and more.

Another major workforce issue that Questback addresses is the gender pay gap; to explore the reasons behind the persistent pay gap in organizations, Questback recently released new research covering over 1000 people employed in finance and insurance companies across the US, mirroring a similar study in the UK. “Gender inequality and the resulting pay gap threaten both business competitiveness and corporate reputation. Hence, it’s vital that companies achieve a better gender balance and benefit from a diverse workforce,” adds Møllerop. Questback provides an assessment, which not only evaluates the gender parity within an organization but also identifies the cultural factors influencing decisions made both about and by individual employees. The cloud-agnostic Questback is now revamping its market service architecture along with leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and text recognition to better enable enterprises to gather insights from employees and customers as well as bridge the gap between data and feedback-driven insights.

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Questback Restructures its Product Management Function

Considering the changing dynamics of customer demands and employee management, Questback has restructured its product management function to address the issue.

FREMONT, CA: The provider of enterprise experience management solutions, Questback has reorganized its product management function, which is aligned with the firm's objective to enhance its services and adapt to the customer needs by focusing on product innovation. Moreover, the move is also in accordance with the changing overall work and market atmosphere. The idea of a full-time job is getting replaced by a more flexible work culture, which is evident with the rise in freelance workers.
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Questback Announces the Appointment of Radu Immenroth as New Chief Technology Officer

NEW YORK- Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management, has announced the appointment of Radu Immenroth as it's new Chief Technology Officer. Immenroth replaces outgoing CTO Oliver Trabert and will join the company's senior leadership team effective immediately.

Immenroth has held multiple leadership roles during his six-year tenure at Questback, most recently as Global Head of Product Strategy. As CTO, Immenroth will continue leading product strategy while also overseeing engineering and cloud operations. The appointment represents Questback's continued commitment to creating next-gen technology and innovative customer-centric solutions to leverage the disruptive power of feedback. Immernroth reflects, "I have personally experienced the enormous positive impact that feedback can bring to people's lives. At Questback, we are embarking on a technology journey that will open up new, unprecedented opportunities and I look forward to guiding this effort."

Immenroth holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree from the German RWTH University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the British University of Surrey.