Pandexio: Empowering the Next-Gen Workforce

John Burge, CEO and Co-Founder & Bob Danna, Executive Chairman, PandexioJohn Burge, CEO and Co-Founder & Bob Danna, Executive Chairman
In a surprising outcome of a survey conducted by earlier this year (January 2018), only 11 percent of more than 880 C-level HR and other business identified their workforce to be potentially capable of meeting their 2020 business goals—the key issue being organizations essentially need more employees that are experts and critical thinkers to considerably stand out in the current competitive economy. This capability gap has existed for decades within every organization and has been predominantly acute in knowledge-intensive sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and high-tech. As the modern business world transcends into an insights-driven economy, leading companies around the globe have begun to pay attention to employee expertise, capturing and transferring knowledge, avoiding information overload, and most importantly, deriving associated value to the business from these activities.

As employees consume content, learn and think, their insights stand instrumental in sustaining organizational competitiveness and influencing critical business decisions and innovations. Situated one click up from content curation is a key component that is often overlooked—insight curation: the process of making meaning of all content consumed. Addressing this fundamental people performance concern of moving employees from information users to insights experts, Pandexio’s proprietary platform Smartsnips®, enables employees to create and share their insights from the content they read and think about. “We empower employees to become experts,”says John Burge, CEO of Pandexio. “The goal is to spread insights derived by workers and unlock their value as evidence-based bits of wisdom.”

Today insights of employees are scattered across brain cells, documents, sticky notes, and an array of systems where they are either offline, inaccessible, non-shareable, or effectively walk out the door when employees leave. Employees are unaware of what their colleagues are reading, learning, or the insights they are forming and most importantly how they are applying them to make the right business decisions. In such a case, the whole system constitutes a black box. Historically the core idea about sharing and retaining intellectual property and converting it to value was unavailable. Pandexio strives to open those closed doors and enable a more seamless flow of knowledge. The Smartsnips platform enables systematic capture of information across existing systems and content consumed by the employees, storing them all in a single centralized cloud platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere, through any device.

Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50 times smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content. Smartsnips provide relief from information overload and memorization while enabling all employees to access the insights of the smartest employees. Bob Danna, Executive Chairman of Pandexio, states, “With Smartsnips we found a way for smart and efficient employees to share their intellect with their peers, fueling the knowledge sharing of their organization.”

We empower employees to become experts

The Smartsnips platform empowers the capture and curation of content consumed by the employees across the organization and creates a contextualized Smartsnips insight in 140 characters.

The insights are made accessible across the company-shared cloud, enabling employees to garner and navigate through valuable insights. Unlike traditional internet search or enterprise search that offers detailed and comprehensive information, Smartsnips cuts to the chase by providing actionable insights written by the employees proficient in the topic of the searched keyword. “This enables the employees to not only consume the knowledge quickly but also gives them a peek into the brains, the thought process and the specialized expertise and perspective of the smartest employees in the organization,” adds John.

“For instance, we see Smartsnips as a significant tool for the research and development process in healthcare,” says Bob enunciating a valid case study. “These companies absorb new technologies and apply them to organizational product development,” adds Bob. The shared knowledge permeates across the company, the production lines, different parts of operations, and to the sales team. The knowledge shared not only facilitates future innovation but also accelerates the process.

Illustrating yet another use case of Smartsnips, Bob mentions one of the largest professional services organizations that is leveraging the Smartsnips platform. This organization has a vast number of knowledge workers providing services to their global clientele. With Smartsnips, Pandexio enables them to completely engage their workforce of knowledge workers, generating and sharing insights with each other and across their entire network of their consultants, auditors, and financial analysts including evidence-based decisions at the time of need.

Evolving in its pursuit of providing efficient knowledge management, Pandexio has garnered immense success in just twelve months in the industry. The Company today is primarily focused on its embedded business model and has recently opened up an exclusive direct channel to include Fortune 500 companies. From a long-term perspective, the Company aims to deeply embed its solutions in the workflow of its clients, and hence, has built its Smartsnips platform with a complete suite of APIs. This not only makes the Smartsnips platform to be available at the right time and place but also enables it to distribute the insights formed by people to the right areas.

According to John, the Smartsnips data object is ultimately going to be a significant part of the company’s value proposition. “The analytics that we derive from Smartsnips data objects are unprecedented. The data objects travel across vast knowledge networks. Built inside tiny packages, Smartsnips knowledge units provide the essential credibility and insights required in the modern economy,” adds Bob.

As the knowledge economy grows, Pandexio aspires to keep pace equipping the modern HR space to facilitate efficient knowledge management and learning in the flow of work. “Thinking about the use cases today, Smartsnips is considerably powered by critically-thinking people retrieving actionable ideas and concepts versus sifting through full documents. That is our market and it is growing,” concludes John.