NimbleSchedule: Streamlining Employee Scheduling

Peter Swaniker, Founder & CTO, NimbleSchedulePeter Swaniker, Founder & CTO
In the era of rapidly evolving technology, businesses require an efficient approach to not only remain connected with their employees but also leverage cloud-based solutions to streamline vital field operations like employee scheduling and time tracking. By utilizing cloud-based technology, the firm’s managers can extensively optimize the time spent on creating schedules, payrolls, or workforce management procedures. These technologies are not only simplifying the employer’s various cumbersome tasks, but are also being embraced by employees due to their user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. Facilitating such cloud-based corporate tools is Carlsbad, CA based NimbleSchedule that delivers intuitive and comprehensive workforce management software for any organization—be it big or small-sized. “In a place where an average manager spends about 10-15 hours a week in creating work-schedules for their employees, NimbleSchedule can reduce this to one or two hours a week,” observes Peter Swaniker, Founder and CTO, NimbleSchedule.

NimbleSchedule applies intuitive automation to refine and create more efficient employee schedules in less time, with current details on employee availability updated by the employees themselves. This enables managers to fill shifts for employees using the data acquired with minimal effort. “Our system allows managers to create the schedule online, publish it and users can view the schedule either on their smartphone or on the web,” illustrates Swaniker. While this eliminates the need for informing the employees through phone calls, the platform also provides the employees with the facility for trading shifts with their colleagues. “Employees can also have access to open shifts available in case of employee sickness, which can be rearranged by the manager,” delineates Swaniker. The time off requests, shifts trades and other time consuming tasks are automated and the employees get notifications and alerts via email and text messages.

We free up time for managers to focus on core business while reducing the time spent on scheduling

Furthermore, NimbleSchedule’s robust reporting allows the managers to track trends, coordinate with payroll and examine timely information in as much detail as they need to evaluate their day to day operations.

NimbleSchedule’s scheduling system can be better understood from one of their client’s success story. The client, whose main service was in the security industry, provides security personnel—to public places like malls and other office buildings as well— during specific timeframes and places based on their contract. Previously, the client was creating all their schedules on excel spreadsheets, which required time to communicate with the guards and their customers. The firm implemented NimbleSchedule’s scheduling system and the office managers were able to reduce the scheduling time by 90 percent. The guards were able to receive text message alerts related to the shift timings and were notified in case of any change in their shifts.

A staunch believer of constant innovation, Swaniker looks forward to updating their platform with a new feature—forecasting that will take the guesswork out of the whole scheduling process and make it more predictive and accurate. “We can build a schedule automatically based on forecasted transactions,” extols Swaniker. Further “If it is predicted that there will be a spike in demand at the retail store next Monday for example, we would advise our clients to deploy four cashiers instead of two if the staffing requirements demand this,” explains Swaniker. Down the road, NimbleSchedule has plans to expand their footprint across various industries in the international market. “Currently our platform supports only the English language, but the upcoming versions of NimbleSchedule will have support for multiple languages,” concludes Swaniker.