IT Computing Services: Robust and Flexible Workforce Management

Bill Flanagan, CEO, IT Computing ServicesBill Flanagan, CEO In an era of constant change, those firms with the ability to adapt quickly will be first contenders to the sweet taste of business success. It is this adaptability that sets IT Computing Services (ITCS) apart in the HR arena. “We invent, then reinvent and adapt our solutions to the exact requirements of our customer,” says Bill Flanagan, CEO of ITCS.

As an early provider of time and attendance (and more) solutions for a plethora of enterprises across various industry verticals, ITCS has been the expert in this niche for more than two decades. “We were one of the very first web-based applications in the market. Since then, technology and security requirements have evolved, predominantly in the data interfacing processes to communicate via cloud-based technologies. ITCS is not limited by what we can do with our proprietary software, a major differentiator from our competitors. We customize and tailor our software solutions to fit the unique requirements of our individual customers. We recognize and appreciate the fact that every business is unique,” says Flanagan.

Flexibility at its Core

Employee time and attendance tracking is perhaps the most basic and crucial functional element pertaining to the rapidly evolving HR departments of today’s tech-savvy enterprises. At first glance, some HR leaders may see time and attendance tracking as a function easily manageable by simple tools or basic approaches. What they don’t realize is they are missing out on harnessing this decisive power for streamlining workforce management, bringing incremental benefits to business processes irrespective of how unique they may be.

The cloud-based ITCS-WebClock suite of products includes time and attendance, employee scheduling, expense management, project management, job costing, absence management, and HR system. ITCS takes excellence seriously by maintaining its Type II Service Organization Control Report (SOC 1) through annual audits to SSAE No. 18 Section AT-C320.

The WebClock platform easily integrates with standard accounting and payroll software and can be configured to work with third-party data systems, in-house applications, and service providers. Backed by ITCS’ core technology stack, WebClock enables managers to track employees through browsers, smartphones, and tablets with GPS tracking as well as through biometric time clocks. Additionally, administrators can broadcast messages through the system, facilitating employee communications. ITCS also offers hardware devices ranging across biometric devices including fingerprint readers, alongside standard badge, proximity, and barcode readers, all of which can be readily integrated into the WebClock cloud platform.

“We have implemented time collection devices that push information via HTTP to our cloud servers to render them as application data. We can collect information from standalone device that interacts directly with the web. Our technology ensures that people are where they say they are and it also eliminates the need to stay “confined” to clock-in or out from a designated point,” says Flanagan.

ITCS is not limited by what we can do with our proprietary software, a big differentiator from our competitors

The robustness of WebClock is such that, many of its users in the U.S.—where the product holds a strong foothold and meets complex union rules along with reporting capabilities for state and local overtime rules—are also able to deploy it in accordance to the Canadian and European mandates. As such, the company is steadily building its presence in the EMEA market.

The clientele of ITCS encompasses companies from a multitude of industries and includes firms of all sizes. For example, one client with over 5,000 employees, including 2,000 working from off-shore locations, was able to leverage ITCS’ proprietary tools and expert analytical assistance to gain a broader view in terms of employee tracking. By partnering with ITCS, the company was able to automate its operational and performance reporting on the basis of pay-by-the-piece and minimum wage calculations. They were also able to unify their performance, financial, and payroll management systems into a single platform. Today, WebClock is a critical part of their operations, used for maintaining real-time productivity information. WebClock also interacts with their in-house applications and service teams to continually measure effectiveness and productivity.

The assisted living facility vertical, which has complex requirements for government reporting, needed to gain a more detailed, “bird’s eye view” into their personnel’s operation. To meet their needs, ITCS built a “one-of-a-kind” solution that today provides data to the government, collects information from external vendors, and pulls the information from a single pane of glass.

“We assign a dedicated account manager and implementation specialist to each of our clients. Our team works in tandem with the client to ensure their options are understood and configured correctly. Once the implementation is complete, the client is in regular contact with the ITCS account manager who is constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the program. We put a high value on providing excellent customer service and support for our clients and this is included in the fee structure,” adds Flanagan.

Multipronged Client-Centric Approach

With over hundreds of interfaces to integrate across a number of PEO and payroll products, companies can seamlessly be up and running with WebClock in a matter of days. Import and export of crucial HR data in multiple formats can be done in a matter of few clicks. Looking at specific verticals, healthcare entities can use WebClock to leverage employee position and task reporting, data integration with patient reporting systems, census information, and payroll integration. For retailers, WebClock is accessible via point-of-sale applications. Clients in the hospitality space can track tips and analyze multiple pay rates.
Additionally, WebClock provides functionalities such as monitoring of job costing, expense tracking, absence management, generating in/out reports, electronics signature and approvals, and calculating shift differentials.

Employees also find WebClock easy to use. They can request time-off and charge time to department transfers through a unified dashboard interface. From automating simple employee tracking processes such as paid breaks, lunch deductions, holiday and time travel calculations, to more advanced capabilities such as pay in advance and reconciliation, WebClock offers all of these critical functions. Companies leveraging WebClock’s single point solution, which houses powerful tracking automation capabilities, gain an added advantage from a compliance and security standpoint.

“We work closely with several payroll and PEO providers. We coordinate between the client and their payroll processor through our partnership and we build the appropriate data feeds to ensure special client requirements are met. Quarterly steering committee meetings are held with our payroll services providers to ensure we stay current with client needs, and our projects are implemented with the highest level of satisfaction. We quantify our success through detailed case analyses and implement continuous process improvements,” mentions Flanagan.

Another differentiating factor of WebClock is its very competitive pricing model, thanks in part to the significant internal automation that ITCS has put into the product. “Not only do we use our product for our clients, we use it for ourselves, and that also gives us capabilities to reduce costs so that we can offer a more competitive price to our customers,” asserts Flanagan.

Future-proof Roadmap

ITCS has strategically evolved and positioned itself as a leader as technology and employee management practices have changed over time and across various business enterprises. In the coming months, ITCS will roll out a dedicated employee scheduling product called the ITCS Scheduler as it takes the internal scheduling module within WebClock to the next level. The new upgrades and enhancements will house enriched capabilities such as analytics and quicker ways to schedule jobs by function, performance, availability, and even overtime criteria. ITCS is also launching a standalone product in expense management.

"Our team works in tandem with the client to ensure their options are understood and configured correctly"

In addition to the standalone employee scheduling piece, ITCS is developing other critical modular elements of WebClock into complete standalone products. “Next year, we are going to shift the paradigm of those standalone product lines by upgrading their focus and functional capabilities to a whole new dimension. Of course, they will always be able to be integrated with each other. For example, allowing third-party data to be imported and shared is a great feature. Right now we have contractors using a different system for expense management and we give them the ability to pull that information and add it to the payroll flow. Providing practical, cloud-based solutions geared specifically for our individual customers remains the primary goal of ITCS. Our vision for the future includes the introduction of more tools and solutions as well as the expansion of our partnerships with professional outsourcers. We see a lot of opportunities to help clients streamline their workforce management and are excited to be a part of their HR teams,” concludes Flanagan.
- Vishnu K
    July 18, 2018