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For a temporary staffing company, managing employee productivity can be difficult. Such was the case for an organization supplying low-scale contractual labor to put together robotic parts for fulfillment centers. There was a need for several employees every day, which made mitigating the instance of buddy punching or ghost employees difficult. The lack of power or internet access at all times made the situation even worse. By providing a unique time tracking solution utilizing facial recognition and Bluetooth BEACONS, Findd came to their rescue. The Utah based company enabled the employees to punch in through a tablet and helped the client avoid supervision fraud. Such examples stand as a testament to the unique value proposition that Findd brings to the HR technology space by delivering a novel facial recognition stack for employee attendance and tracking. “By focussing on a mobile-first approach, we have carved a unique niche for ourselves in the time and labor management space,” mentions Tom Loveland, the CEO, and co-founder of Findd. One of the few solutions that can implement biometric on any device—Android, iOS or most HR systems—Findd can assist companies in tracking and verifying their employees, even inside the building premise.

While managing decentralized or distributed workforces, companies usually find it difficult to place a biometric clock to track their performance. Backed by an advanced web-based time and attendance system the company’s biometric time clock solution can be leveraged as an application by the clients to instantly turn it into a mobile time clock; for use by an individual on their phone or a tablet in a team setting. “Findd brings the next generation of simplicity and efficiency with a solution that is extremely easy to adopt and with clear organizational value,” says Loveland.

Here’s how it works. Through Findd—the mobile time and management platform—companies can know the “who, where, and when” for all of their employees, using nothing more than an Android or iOS device.
To punch in or out, an employee has to take a ‘selfie.’ The advanced facial recognition algorithm of the platform allows any device to verify the identity of the employee and also confirm the location of employees. The punch information is uploaded to the cloud, which can be accessed by any browser. Further, through the platform’s mobile checklist feature, employee’s performance can be tracked and evaluated, without needing an internet connection. Simple but effective, isn’t it?

Findd brings the next generation of simplicity and efficiency with a solution that is extremely easy to adopt and with clear organizational value

One of the key benefits that continue to draw various companies to choose Findd as their trusted time and labor management solution provider is how easy it is to deploy. For using Findd, there is no need for the clients to use any proprietary hardware. This gives them the ultimate freedom to select the tablet or phone of their choice. Further, the clients are empowered with control and flexibility to adapt the solution to their unique business needs and circumstances.

Having established itself as a robust time and labor management solution, Findd, to sharpen the edge of their offering further, will be releasing a new advanced scheduling feature in their platform. For the next 12-18 months, the company will be focussed on improving its employee performance measurement stack and aims to leverage novel technologies to this end. “We will be bringing AI-based performance analytics such that an employer will clearly understand the employees that are truly contributing, and by virtue by having the performance data that can train the lacking employees to make them better” informs Loveland.
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Provo, UT

Tom Loveland, Co-Founder & CEO and Ryan Johnson, Co-Founder and Tom Rich, Chief Revenue Officer and Brad Childs, Chief Technology Officer

The company provides an easy-to-install, mobile based employee location, attendance and performance tracking solution. Findd we are passionate about discovering ways to use advanced technology to improve the lives of people in the real world. The company is exploring new ways to utilize AI to not only know the who, where and when, but to branch out into the what people do and how well they do it. Findd partners with TLM providers to integrate our Android and iOS mobile solutions to effectively remove time-based and supervisor fraud, saving companies millions.