Fidello: Improving Human Performance through Strategic Competencies

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Christopher L. Bjorling, President, FidelloChristopher L. Bjorling, President
Fidello with over three decades of experience in human resource management has been playing a crucial role in this ever-demanding space. The consulting and product development company specializes in optimizing employee performance and enables its clients to make their employees knowledgeable with the help of curriculum mapping and human capital management systems. Fidello follows ‘One size does not fit all’ mantra and provides a solution after understanding the unique requirements of a business.

Unlike other talent management software developers, Fidello lets its clients design, develop, and implement strategic integrated HR processes and systems that specifically meet their individual needs. From leadership development to selection and recruitment, the company helps clients identify strategic competencies and behaviors that drive better results. “Our clients come to us when they need solutions for talent management, performance management, succession planning for developments, and others. We provide them cloud-based solutions that are based on how they conduct their business, and this ability gives us an edge in the market,” says Christopher L. Bjorling, President at Fidello.

The company’s flagship, HR Web is a cloud-based solution that addresses many HR development needs; whether it is competency assessments, competency gap analysis, employee development planning, team development or organizational effectiveness, it covers all. The key feature that differentiates HR Web from its competitors is its flexibility. With HR Web, clients can mix and match capabilities to support their requirements.
Besides, as each client has a unique organizational culture, they can also customize the interfaces, the terminology, and even the methodology to support their work culture’s specific needs.

HR Web’s modules are designed to act independently wherever necessary, and can also be configured depending on need, culture, and maturity of an organization. “Like a custom-tailored suit, we provide customized services and give clients the flexibility to add more. We focus on specific activities that are critical to an organization, and that is our differentiating factor also. Besides, we do scalar pricing based upon functions they are using, why they are using them, and how long they are going to use them,” explains Bjorling. Moreover, other benefits that make HR Web extraordinary are no hard drive overload, quick access for everyone connected to the intranet, centrally located information making it accessible to both employees and managers, nominal maintenance, and no software duplication costs for each assessment cycle or process.

Over the years, Fidello has worked with a number of organizations and served some major market players, which include Fidelity Investments, 3M, EDS, US Air Force, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and several more. On that note, Bjorling shares a success story involving a highly reputed organization that had a global workforce. The client company wanted to customize their HR system with languages and themes that work for each employee and users in the organization. The client approached Fidello, which modified the solution according to their requirements. “We made the changes accordingly within a couple of days. While the solution was tailored to be unique, it still had a common language on the back-end that allowed the client to manage their people,” notes Bjorling.

Talking about the future of Fidello, Bjorling says that 2018 has been great for the company and they aim to achieve higher in 2019. As the company continues to grow, it intends to focus more on small businesses. “We have identified there is an opportunity to work with small businesses as they cannot offer talent management solutions to their employees because of the cost associated with it. So, we are looking at ways that can provide them with a tool-set giving them great flexibility,” concludes Bjorling.