Engagedly: Progressive Performance Management Driven by Employee Engagement

Srikant Chellappa, Co-Founder Jay Shankar, Founder, EngagedlySrikant Chellappa, Co-Founder Jay Shankar, Founder
Employee retention is a major concern across the corporate sector today. Individuals have a propensity to move to other organizations for better prospects, ranging from lucrative salary and growth prospects. Maintaining an effective communication system between an employer and employee is the best retention strategy which is structured to inform, emphasize, and reaffirm representatives that their work is recognized and highly valued. “Communication with the staff gives the employers expertise on how their employees feel about working in the organization,” says Srikant Chellappa, Co-founder, Engagedly. “We have designed a cloud-based talent management platform that allows organizations to build high performing teams through an engagement driven approach to collaborate and manage goals with their employees.”

The one-of-a-kind employee engagement SaaS based platform provides engagement and feedback driven talent management features, resulting in better business outcomes. With the platform, organizations can align and motivate their workforce with features such as continuous performance and check-ins, 1 on 1 feedback, peer praise, 360 degree feedback, knowledge sharing/ eLearning, rewards, objectives alignment (OKR) and social performance. Engagedly’s feedback and developmental approach ensures employees to find value in their HR software making it easy for HR managers to implement a comprehensive employee performance management system that looks at a real time feedback based approach along with social praise, and peer feedback to performance management. The platform offers easy to customize templates, flexible rating scales, and advanced administration dashboard, resulting in manageable performance cycle of an employee, enhancing continuous performance. “We implement an engagement-oriented strategy toward performance management for a productive business through developmental and feedback based approach, letting employees know when and why they are doing well or not,” adds Chellappa. “With our platform, organizations can align, coach and motivate their workforce.”

We have designed a cloud-based talent management platform that allows organizations to build high performing teams through an engagement driven approach

The platform allows organizations to set goals for themselves improving engagement via customizable check-ins and progress indicators. “We have seen across the board higher levels of employee engagement and currently have a 100 percent customer retention rate,” explains Chellappa. “The platform also possesses multiple features including the social module that empowers employees to collaborate, communicate, share ideas, ask and answer questions, and solve tough problems together.” The platform also offers a survey module which helps organizations to measure their employee engagement, employee motivation, getting and exchanging ideas through the platform. Another key capability is its rewards and recognition feature that awards points to the employees for different actions and motivates employees with social recognition; they can use their points to redeem rewards from a catalog of hundreds of gift cards or custom reward for employees.

The company offers comprehensive dashboards to managers who can now go beyond plain ratings by measuring engagement and performance continuously. In an instance, a Colorado based technology and research organization with around 100 employees wanted a goal management product to manage their internal goals. They approached Engagedly noticing that “everything is not just about managing goals, it is also about engagement and collaboration—owing to the distributed workforce.” The company worked on enhancing the client’s performance management and social collaboration, first building a complete goal management system. Today, the organization has a tool which assists the entire business operations and tracks the development on a regular basis.

Looking into the future, the company aims to continue down the path of a comprehensive, easy-to-use talent management platform on the cloud that can serve organization of any size “We learn from our customers and adopt the emerging trends to help our clients become better organizations with happier and high performing employees,” concludes Chellappa.