Ceridian: Silver-Lined Cloud HCM Solutions

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David Ossip, Chairman & CEO, CeridianDavid Ossip, Chairman & CEO Ceridian is a human capital management (HCM) technology firm that leverages Dayforce (one of the most promising solutions in the human resources (HR) space). Besides, mitigating the issues in talent acquisition the platform is capable of payroll management, employee benefits, and workforce management. Deployable on the cloud, it assists professionals in the recruitment realm to have control over entire staff lifecycles, from hiring and onboarding to salary disbursement and development of careers. From small organizations to global enterprises, Ceridian has become the go-to solution provider for HR Tech.

"Ceridian’s motto “Makes Work Life Better” exemplifies its focus on delivering transparency, diligence, and optimism to clients, and employees by adding more value to their daily lives"

The company’s motto “Makes Work Life Better” exemplifies its focus on delivering transparency, diligence, and optimism to clients, and employees by adding more value to their daily lives. Ceridian takes its customers knowledge into account and listens to their suggestions as well while upgrading their flagship solution Dayforce. The firm is open in the way it communicates, interacts and works, driving integrity and accountability into its behavior. Ceridian portrays flexibility and innovation while confronting challenges in the HCM arena, and this enables its clients to transform and achieve optimal success.

Dayforce powered Employee Management

HR professionals need to have a keen understanding of employees in service at their organizations to decide on their career paths. For this purpose Ceridian allows the users of their platform to maintain an individual record for every staff member. This allows the concerned personnel to have a complete picture of a staff member from a single point of view. The information is easily accessible throughout the Dayforce platform and can be used to gain insights that encourage them to make informed decisions. All input is entered into an Employee Card, and HR can seek out any information about that particular person, whether it is personal or company related.

A cause for concern is the protection of the data that enters into the client systems located remotely on the cloud, and for this Ceridian employs a role-based security schema. The sensitive information can be accessed only by authorized users, and Dayforce blocks any unwarranted external entry attempts. From an internal standpoint, the employees are given only permission to fill-in certain data themselves, so that there are no errors in input, and this reduces the burden of the HR. In case a member of the workforce has requested to make a change, the concerned management is immediately notified at their point of access in real-time, and this reduces the risk of data corruption while speeding up approval procedures.

Ceridian deploys a very user-friendly interface that offers engaging user experiences, and allows staff to freely communicate with senior management even without utilizing their corporate email ids

Streamline and Secure Messaging Services

One area of HR and employee engagement that Ceridian has changed is the transformation of the entire process. The company deploys a very user-friendly interface that offers engaging user experiences and allows staff to freely communicate with senior management even without utilizing their corporate email ids. This allows for confidentiality in case of any information that an individual wants to convey about an issue they may be having within the organization.

For HR executives, Ceridian implements a Message Center directly into the Dayforce Solution. It allows professionals to send personal messages as well as to create distribution lists to message multiple employees at the same time. Any report or notification that requires the immediate attention of a staff member is also delivered directly through the message center and can be accessed directly from their computers, or mobile devices through an app. It also allows the workers to keep track of their attendance, schedule work times and tax payments.

Encouraged Decision Making through Splendid Reporting

Ceridian’s embedded, comprehensive and flexible reporting module allows for the easy visibility of employee data without having to leave the application. It allows HR to leverage information across HCM workflows, and then utilize the statistics to include records of employee salary, attendance, and performance. Users have a wide array of standard reports to choose from a pre-installed database that is designed based on customer needs. An option to create customized records is also available to the clients to excavate only the input that they require.

The possibility of viewing the information from a single point of access allows managers and administration to manage employee statistics to gain valuable insights easily. This empowers them to make better decisions on a staff member’s growth, and escalation in the company. For instance, an HR executive can determine whether to give a worker a raise or a promotion based on their overall performances, and tenure in the company. Further, the reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including XLS, CSV, and PDF, allowing for the files to be shared with key stakeholders and upper management of an organization. One vital feature of the reporting module is that is multi-lingual, and this empowers end-users to feed and extract the input and output in their preferred languages based on their location.

Premium Dashboard Technology

The control screen or dashboard allows clients to gain visibility across all their HCM domains, and locate challenges within their organizations. It comes in three pre-defined preferences—pre-built, simple syntax and highly configured.
The dashboard allows users to make luscious presentations across all talent management areas of an organization, and can even be exported into a PowerPoint file for further additions that may need to be made outside of the Dayforce platform. With Dayforce, authorized personnel can dig deeper into data with drill-down capabilities and analysis on every view.

In addition, the dashboard is also integrated with a custom search engine for users to find the exact material they are looking for in real-time. The View Builder tool lets HR build dashboards from scratch and to set protocols that are definitive to organizational goals.

One-Stop HR Document Management

Storing files can be a daunting task for organizations and their IT, and the Dayforce platform that Ceridian deploys allows them to be more organized, by saving all the information in one place—the cloud. It allows managers to access employee data easily, and update relevant documents directly from their systems.

To ensure clarity of the data, staff members are given access to their records to keep the information up to date and relevant. The forms can be implemented in other HCM areas to capture vital statistics that can apply to onboarding, performance management, and other vital spaces. Keeping the safety and security of the employees in mind, the input can be tailored to be visible to only select personnel, and this denies unauthorized use of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The amount of protection administered to the files is based on type, user, team, and role.

The Path Ahead

Having escalated on the path of success for many years in the recent past, Ceridian hopes to continue on its journey ahead, and recently announced the enhancements they will be adding to their flagship product, Dayforce. The upgrades will expand on the services deployed through the already successful solution engine. The new modules include Dayforce Benefits Decision Support, Dayforce Assistant, and Dayforce On-Demand Pay.

Dayforce Benefits Decision Support will allow clients to furnish their representatives with extra assistance to aid them to settle on educated decisions while choosing company benefits that they are offered. The Dayforce Assistant will empower staff to deal with their work-life exercises with a basic voice or chat command. While Dayforce On-Demand Pay allows firms to decide over how and when to pay their workers progressively—it’s the first pay arrangement of its sort offered inside a total HCM program, changing how individuals are paid.

“From day one, we’ve seen the power our technology has had on employees and our customers’ cultures, fueling us to keep pushing the envelope,” said Erik Zimmer, Chief Strategy Officer, Ceridian. “Our approach has always been to simplify the work environment for our customers and their employees. Given the importance of benefits in our day-to-day lives, employees need data and analytics to empower them to make smart choices. We see the addition of Dayforce Benefits Decision Support as one more tool for their convenience.”