XcelHCM: Holistic Employee Engagement to Drive Workforce Productivity

Until recently, managing employee engagement was left to department managers and HR departments as there were no institutional and organizational solutions to help solve the $500 billion issue for business. However, employee engagement is now taking center stage among all kinds of business establishments. Today, enterprises recognize that “engaged employees” can strengthen bottom-line operations and increase overall productivity. Realizing that unengaged workforces can immobilize enterprise functions and innovation, San Diego based XcelHCM developed a novel, cloud-based suite of tools for organizations to create meaningful, day-to-day connections with their employees.

“Our Productivity Hub is a stack of modules that allows automating the critical connections between employees and business objectives. For example, employee recognition, is one module in the Hub and enables enterprises to manage regular connections with their workforces,” says Hal Wendel, President of XcelHCM. He points out that the company’s Productivity Hub aligns with their clients’ objective to achieving improved customer satisfaction which at the end of the day drives business results. XcelHCM TeamVue is a customizable and powerful employee engagement tool that connects employees to critical workflows and helps businesses to operate efficiently from both a mission alignment and engagement standpoint. Designed to support peer recognition, this award and incentive management module helps in motivating as well as bridging the communication gap between employees and management teams to ultimately deliver new and impacting insights that can help run businesses more efficiently.

TeamVue’s Company Messaging module allows HR teams and management to open up a whole new communications channel. Management can send important updates and messages, alerts, reminders directly to employees’ mobile phones. XcellHCM also delivers an e-Card system that enables enterprises to automate the process around birthday and work anniversary cards to employees.
The company continues to invest in making the Productivity Hub truly a one-stop solution for companies looking to drive engagement, reduce employee turnover and probably most importantly achieve business objectives. Other examples include a robust, and scalable employee profile management for sharing employee skillsets and an integrated Employee Survey Platform. XcellHCM’s Productivity Hub becomes a conduit for business Intelligence.

XcellHCM BI allows all the collected content to be sorted in ways that can deliver significant insight for risk and performance management. The captured data and insights can as well be integrated into management dashboards. Sharing of data can also be facilitated through the integration and partnerships XcellHCM has with some leading HRMS companies. “We design our systems with extreme flexibility and scalability from a configuration standpoint in recognition of the dynamic nature of employee environments,” says Wendel. Aligning well with the needs of enterprises of all sizes, XcellHCM’s Productivity Hub is becoming a must-have in today’s competitive environment. For business, the cost of replacing employees and losing billions in lost productivity can make a huge difference in overall business performance.

With a core focus on addressing customer requirements, XcellHCM has been able to reach extremely high client retention rates. XcellHCM clients rave about responsiveness and support. A leading service company’s advancements in employee engagement exemplify the firm’s capabilities. The client is using XcelHCM to obtain a more robust employee recognition systems for improved customer satisfaction and efficiency. The firm configured its solution according to the requirements of the client and helped them to eliminate all manual aspects of their employee engagement programs as a result, the client was able to save a lot of time and drive much higher levels of employee engagement. With the zeal to further improve engagement and productivity XcellHCM has an aggressive roadmap to add to its already very robust Productivity Hub. Some projects currently in process - adding an AI view and several other exciting capabilities.