Worklogix: Rethinking Talent Management Solutions with Alignment to Business Strategy

Jeremy Masters, Founder & Managing Partner, WorklogixJeremy Masters, Founder & Managing Partner
With the evolution of cloud solutions, business and IT leaders are embracing rapid cloud adoption to derive value quickly. Worklogix, based in McLean, VA, minimizes the shortfalls associated with the implementation of cloud-based HR enterprise solutions by combining convention with innovation. Innovation is at the heart of Worklogix. “We founded the company on unique solutions that challenged conventional thinking while reducing risk, and that spirit has continued over the years,” says Jeremy Masters, Founder and Managing Partner at Worklogix. “We have built innovation processes into everything we do, and it forces us to develop solutions tailored to how companies want to evolve and deliver value to their users, customers and partners.”

The company provides a comprehensive talent management solution that drives employees to enhance their performance levels and impact their financial rewards. “Our performance and compensation management solution cuts through the subjectivity of classic measurement applications allowing senior management and HR to look at the numbers that matter most in the boardroom,” expresses Masters. Worklogix’s innovative approach to Performance Management is based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and directly implements the client’s business strategy. The solution is designed to go well beyond the simplistic-cascading capabilities of other products by leveraging a centralized KPI library. They have also revamped performance reviews with real business objectives and results documented by KPI owners rather than subjective statistics provided by each employee. The solution greatly reduces the time needed for performance review cycles and allows for an agile alignment between company strategy and individual achievements.

As an example, a well-renowned, international quick-service restaurant client struggled to find cloud solutions that met its requirements while reducing the administrative burden on the talent organization. By bringing Worklogix onboard, the client was able to translate high-level business targets into individual and enterprise-wide KPIs. The client benefitted from a significant increase in revenue and quick operational alignment between two newly merged companies.

A different approach to Performance Management that aligns key performance indicators with the company’s business strategy

eComp—Worklogix’s compensation planning solution—allows HR professionals to plan their merit, bonus, and stock awards in one user-friendly tool. Embedded analytics and budget information are clearly shown on the planner worksheets. The robust, real-time analytics provide users with snapshots of manager submissions, approvals, and budget roll-ups. This enables managers to review and make compensation decisions that reward the right employees.

In one recent implementation, Worklogix’s client saw increased adoption of their annual compensation process due to the intuitiveness of the User Interface (UI). The solution allowed managers to quickly make the right decisions based on the right data points. The typical planner took, on average, about one-fourth the time to plan for their reports as in previous years. Due to the product’s feature-rich functionality and analytics, the centralized compensation administration team shifted seven of its ten resources to more strategic work that helped managers make important compensation and promotion decisions.

Worklogix complements its performance and compensation management solutions with succession management tools that help identify and retain high potential employees. This allows companies to define positions and recognize important areas and risks within their organization. The unique metrics offer a robust platform to match high-potential employees with key positions. In the near future, Masters foresees the release of a cloud-based HR Forms solution that would improve business processes, reduce implementation time, and integrate with on-premise systems.

Worklogix plans to add a new model to their platform to deliver best-in-class HR processes. “We are expanding our presence in Asia beyond our existing Indian competency center,” says Masters, “and we are excited to begin exploring markets in China.”