Workable: Cloud Solutions for Streamlined Hiring Processes

Nikos Moraitakis, CEO, WorkableNikos Moraitakis, CEO
Small businesses and conglomerates alike needs to employ a peak-performing and strategically focused HR operation to bring in talented workforce while generating savings and profits. But, most organizations spend much on maintaining on-premise HR software despite the fact that it is less convenient with limited access and has high requirement for hardware and servers. Additionally, with larger installations, the cost of hiring an IT team to manage the system is always higher. The need for the hour is cloud-based HR software built on a multi-tenant platform that addresses challenges related to on premise software and provides several key benefits. The Boston, MA based Workable provides cloud based HR management software solutions that set up a branded career page which automatically keeps updating new jobs and roles.

Workable’s end-to-end HR management services aid various processes including recruiting, application tracking, and interviewing. The company helps organizations to build customizable, mobile friendly career page, facilitating posting to multiple job boards. This enables searching for candidate profiles and working effectively with the hiring team on a platform that helps maintain notes, communications, schedules, comments and analytics all in one place. Additionally, Workable also offers fully-customizable application forms that simplify the application process. To have impressive presence on the social media, the company also offers job tabs on facebook. Through this, the jobs are automatically updated, making it easier for candidates to view roles and apply. Further, the firm helps enterprises to combine most effective channels to source talents with easy-to-use tools that save time and money. The software provides hiring reports and analytics which help refining recruiting process also tracking the source of the qualified candidates to improve job board ROI. These hiring reports can also be exported to CSV or PDF, enabling clearer, data-driven decisions.

Workable also offers mobile recruiting software and best tools to effectively recruit from remote location

Managing and tracking communications between candidates and HR team along with automatically collecting resumes; cover letters and communication history are all made seamless with the company’s centralized communication and intuitive, desktop and mobile applicant tracking system (ATS). The software also finds publicly available social and professional profiles and images of each applicant and evaluates them through a rating system alongside gathering feedback from the recruiting team. The firm also provides simple formats for sharing and discussing post interview feedbacks. Additionally, by tracking source reports, Workable helps organizations to leverage advertisements by identifying the origin of quality candidates through various channels from paid advertising to recruiters. It also helps healthy flow of candidates by tracking the number of recruits entering the organization over a given time period and comparing this data with similar hires in order to identify an ideal time for re-advertising the customers’ hiring plans.

In addition, the firm offers friendly accessible support with free email and phone support from hiring experts for all HR management plans. Workable’s mobile recruiting software and best tools effectively recruit candidates from remote locations. All of the company’s cloud solutions offer data security alongside ensuring their clients meets relevant Equal Employee Opportunity (EEO) and Office of Federal contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) compliance with automatic EEO as well as allowing an EEO/OFCCP survey to be sent to every candidate.

In the journey so far, Workable has been successful in providing solutions to ease HR management and recruiting landscape, providing affordable; useable hiring software that help replace email and spreadsheets. Moving forward, the company plans to continually update and expand their cloud solutions in the HR environment to find better talents and seamlessly conduct recruiting processes.