RolePoint: Employee-Centric Talent Acquisition

Kes Thygesen, Co-founder & CPO, RolePointKes Thygesen, Co-founder & CPO
According to Kes Thygesen, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, RolePoint, “Employees are enterprises’ most valuable, but underutilized asset from a talent acquisition perspective.” He expresses that today’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) tend to not focus on delivering employee-centric experiences and act more as a repository for recruiters. With a mission to overcome these challenges and revolutionize talent acquisition by leveraging employees’ social capital, Thygesen co-founded RolePoint and set out to provide best-in-breed solutions for employee referrals and internal talent mobility.

Based on the knowledge that employee referrals and internal candidates usually account for over 50 percent of hires across an organization, the RolePoint platform was developed by a leading group of recruitment advisors and talent acquisition leaders. The technology leverages recommendation algorithms to proactively suggest which roles employees are most likely to refer to or apply for based on their background and preferences. Employees are then automatically kept in the loop on the status of their referred candidates so the program doesn’t feel like a black hole. “RolePoint provides a personalized experience for employee referrals and internal career progression comparable to what consumers feel when using Amazon to buy goods or Netflix to discover new entertainment options,” adds Thygesen.

Furthermore, the company offers a dedicated cloud-based, bi-directional data integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), RolePoint Connect, which forms a middleware layer between any ATS, CRM, or HRIS. It enables companies to pull in the most relevant data from existing systems to fully personalize the employee experience. In addition, the platform ensures recruiters follow-up on candidates from their preferred system and automate referral incentive management. “It facilitates combining both employee referrals and talent mobility in a single portal, creating a central hub where employees can go to either refer a contact or find a role for their own career progression,” states Thygesen. Offering robust integrations, the platform allows candidate applications, job descriptions, live candidate status, application attachments, and any additional data to be shared bi-directionally between an extensive selection of talent solutions.

RolePoint provides a personalized experience for employee referrals and internal career progression comparable to what consumers feel when using Amazon to buy goods or Netflix to discover new entertainment options

RolePoint’s ATS, CRM, and HRIS integrations are based on full service partnerships, providing high levels of support with solutions ranging from basic syncs to full SaaS integrations.

The company takes a hands-on approach to implementations, with a team focused on driving engagement and participation in referral and internal mobility programs. “Talent acquisition teams rarely have the time and resources to market recruiting programs effectively to employees. This is where we can help by running targeted campaigns, designing rich content, and distributing a wide array of innovative rewards directly to employees,” explains Thygesen.

He continues, “We power the employee referral and internal career programs for many of the most innovative companies across a wide range of industries including Tesla, Lenovo, PayPal, HealthSouth, and Vodafone.” All these organizations have witnessed substantial increases in the quality and quantity of referred candidates alongside reducing the time spent on manual tasks to administer the program. From a results perspective, companies like Capital One received over 10,000 referrals within the first 6 weeks of launching. At companies like Santander, RolePoint helps place over 150 internal candidates each month in new roles.

Today, RolePoint is working with millions of employees to help create more engaging referral and internal career programs. The firm’s solutions are live in over 20 languages and 70 countries, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and London. Looking to continue their successful run, RolePoint’s leadership intends to innovate further to simplify employee referrals and internal talent mobility. “The key to our success is continued focus on engagement by keeping the programs fresh and exciting,” concludes Thygesen.