PeopleMatter: Integrating Robust Workforce Management Systems

George Mackie, President & CEO, PeopleMatterGeorge Mackie, President & CEO
Use of legacy manual systems and processes in hiring the right candidates is slowly on the verge of extinction. With emergence of cloud, employers are more focused on the concept of data integration, analytical intelligence, and automation for creating larger, compliant, and higher quality applicant pools. Today, managing human resources (HR) demands systems that possess built-in recruiting, screening, on-boarding, and flexible mobile accessibility. “An employer needs to provide a stellar experience to the applicants coming through their recruitment strategies, and cloud-based mobile applications are key components of this initiative,” begins George Mackie, President and CEO, PeopleMatter. “More importantly, employers also need to on-board talent in a compliant manner and keep the candidates engaged so that they aren’t lured away easily.”

Charleston, SC based PeopleMatter provides cloud-based workforce management system that automates and connects the employer’s hiring processes across all of their locations. The company’s HR software is specifically built for the service-industry businesses and specializes in managing hourly workers, multiple systems, and razor-thin profit-margins. “Our software is designed from the ground up as one complete system, so you can manage hiring, training, resources, and communication all from a centralized and organized set-up,” says Mackie. “With PeopleMatter and its influence, employers spend less time on paperwork and more time doing strategic and value-oriented tasks.”

The firm’s cloud-based software products include PeopleMatter Hire, PeopleMatter Learn, and PeopleMatter Schedule, which can be accessed from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone extensively. With PeopleMatter Hire, employers can track and find applicants, evaluate candidature, and manage hiring procedures.
The product further assists in integrating assessments, running background checks, and identifying tax credits. “Employers can complete, store, and access all hiring paperwork online, with additional compliance features like e-signatures and online I-9s,” affirms Mackie. “Additionally, PeopleMatter Hire provides hiring checklists, deadline alerts, and online forms to ensure a consistent, compliant hiring process.”

To illustrate an example, Jimmy Poole, Owner of The Alley, wanted ‘new school’ hiring processes for his ‘old school’ restaurant/ bowling alley/ sports bar concept. Poole always knew that he needed a workforce management platform that was as dynamic as his downtown Charleston hotspot. He chose to start hiring with PeopleMatter even before the grand opening because he wanted powerful, yet simple software that could match their culture and offer. By streamlining the hiring process, the management team at The Alley could focus on what was really important—its customers. Personality, attitude, and cognitive assessments help managers identify best-fit candidates for position and company culture. Integrated I-9 and E-Verify workflows helped save time and ensure all employee documents are properly handled and saved.

Additionally, PeopleMatter Learn and PeopleMatter Schedule complement each other to assist the employers in managing their employee’s schedules and trainings. PeopleMatter Learn assists employers in training new and current team members, assign courses based on their interest and organizational needs, and test their comprehension efficiently. The product’s online system makes it quick and easy to develop, evaluate, and motivate the team. Further, PeopleMatter Schedule assists in creating optimized employee schedules, reducing labor costs, and increasing the overall customer satisfaction.

According to reports by Forrester, organizations implementing a cloud-based workforce management system typically see a 144 percent return on investment (ROI) within just nine months. These statistics reflect that PeopleMatter holds a bright future. “We look forward to leading the team as it continues to introduce cutting-edge technology offerings that transform how businesses manage their hourly, geographically dispersed teams and improve productivity and retention,” concludes Mackie.