Paycor: Streamlining and Automating HR Processes

Bob Coughlin, Founder & CEO, PaycorBob Coughlin, Founder & CEO
With the evolution of business and technology over the decades, Bob Coughlin, Founder and CEO, Paycor noticed an opportunity to provide a new level of personal and proactive customer service to organizations that require HR and payroll technology. With the ultimate focus and commitment being finding ways to best serve organizations, Coughlin founded Paycor—a dedicated partner to small- and medium-sized businesses that delivers modern, intuitive, cloud-based on-boarding, HR, and payroll solutions. With a single suite of online applications and services, Paycor helps clients efficiently manage data involving the various aspects of their HR operations.

Paycor’s cloud-based HR management software, Perform, is specifically designed to reduce the burden of HR staff by systemizing HR functions and ensuring flawless business performance. It also mitigates compliance risks with cloud-based payroll and employee administration solutions as well as provides time and attendance records—helping organizations manage their workforce efficiently. Perform’s adaptable information reporting capability also helps organizations simplify and improve their decision-making.

The firm’s software stays in line with the industry best practices of hiring with a single online application for managing and recruiting new employees and engaging them before they join through a number of background checks and investigations. Once the hiree is ready to join the organization, Paycor’s on-boarding feature makes it easy for the HR staff to provide full assistance that goes beyond employee orientation, with the resources and availability to aid an employee in reaching peak production—significantly reducing manual administrative work. Paycor also provides tools that help companies stay on top of compliance mandates—ensuring all taxable wages and withholding are being processed accurately.

Our cloud-based HR management software reduces the burden of HR staff by systemizing HR functions and ensuring flawless business performance

One of the key aspects of Paycor’s Perform is that, anything from employee certifications to laptop numbers can be stored and tracked. Mobility is another important feature of Perform, with which HR staff can manage payroll anytime—regardless of the workforce’s location, coupled with access to articles, videos, and reference guides.

The high performance and innovative functionality of Paycor’s cloud-based HR software gives them the competitive edge. To further differentiate and provide innovative services, Paycor embeds Business Intelligence (BI) functionality into its products, empowering businesses with insights about various aspects of their HR operations.

With best-in-class HR management software, Paycor has been implemented across more than 33,000 small and medium-sized businesses to optimize the HR management and administration. In one instance, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden experienced HR efficiency by leveraging Paycor’s HR management software. The zoo comprises nearly 500 employees across 20 departments, but only two full-time HR professionals to manage the day-to-day HR operations. The client was working with another HR and payroll provider for over a decade, but the system was disparate and fractured, creating inefficiencies in hiring new employees and accurately tracking the hours worked. With Paycor, the zoo was able to make use of one system to manage the entire HR operations, hire staff, track certifications as well as pay employees accurately—saving significant time and effort.

Forging ahead, Paycor continues to innovate and expand the reporting features within its cloud-based HR products. To take their success to the next level, the firm plans to incorporate predictive analytics and other cutting-edge BI capabilities into its unique set of reporting solutions.