HR Symphony®: An Integrated HR Ecosystem(SM)

Barron Guss, President & CEO, HR Symphony®Barron Guss, President & CEO
A day in the life of an HR professional or a business owner is no longer restricted to just payroll and employee record keeping. A large part of their daily repetition involves maneuvering through countless tasks involving research, interviews, decisions, and policies. These busy professionals find themselves in a downward spiral, battling with disparate technologies and time-consuming processes like scheduling, applicant tracking, employee evaluation, and more. What’s desperately needed is a system that alleviates the administrative burden, provides access to real-time information, and builds productive efficiency. The answer is an integrated HR ecosystem called HR Symphony®.

A cloud-based HR information system, HR Symphony® was developed with a singular focus to ease the burden of managing daily HR admin tasks. From recruitment and hiring to payroll processing, time and attendance, benefits, as well as handling employee records, HR Symphony brings 50 years of rich HR experience and expertise via its parent company, ALTRES to provide small to medium size companies the transactional HR foundation for strategic initiatives.“HR Symphony is an integrated HR ecosystem that provides our clients with all the employee lifecycle tools they need. From core HR to talent and workforce management, as well as business intelligence, no other HR technology gives business owners more tools,” states Barron Guss, CEO and President of ALTRES.

The result is a seamless and efficient HRIS that requires less manual supervision and offers a robust suite of tools that simplify and streamline employment administration for a wide range of industries.

Before HR Symphony, Sharon Santiago, HR, and Finance Director of Waolani Judd Nazarene School manually tracked vacation and sick leave balances for every employee, printed all timesheets and then entered them into another service platform.
The process took two full days every two weeks. Now with HR Symphony, it’s all completed in less than two hours.

The efficiency isn’t just limited to payroll processing. HR Symphony’s recruitment and hiring tools streamline the entire process by allowing users to post ads, manage applicants and hire with one click. HR Symphony even simplifies the on boarding process for employees. Through HR Symphony’s proprietary database, it intuitively fills out those seemingly endless employment forms, eliminating frustration and on-boarding fatigue, thus allowing employees to hit the ground running on their first day of work.

In an attempt to mitigate the challenges of employee evaluation processes, the platform offers a Micro-Evaluation tool that simplifies employee evaluations into a simple diary entry. Users can choose the criterion and frequency of evaluations, create specific performance notes, graphs, and scales, as well as make side by side comparisons. And it all can be done in seconds! In addition, HR Symphony offers phenomenal employee appreciation tools, where users can send personalized notes to employees based on their performance, along with a gift card for them to use at restaurants or movies.

Another key feature is HR Symphony’s powerful time and attendance tool that makes timesheet reporting, leave requests, PTO tracking, cost allocation, and supervisor approvals much more efficient.

The uniqueness of HR Symphony is its integrated platform that connects every system into a single solution that can be configured for the needs of businesses. “Our platform is built using our own resources utilizing best-in-class modern cloud technologies,” adds Madhu Lundquist, Director of Web Technologies at ALTRES. More importantly, all these products and solutions are available in the mobile ecosystem as well, ensuring a seamless user experience. Another key difference is the company’s web support services team that guides the user through the various modules of the platform both pre- and post-deployment.

Celebrating their 50th year in business, ALTRES has created an HR ecosystem that not only delivers best-in-class hiring and recruitment, payroll processing, time and attendance, benefits administration, employee management, and business intelligence solutions, they have created a world-class HRIS that delivers the tools a business needs to be more efficient.