Genesys Talent: Automated Talent Sourcing and Acquisition

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Carla Tibbitts, CEO, Genesys TalentCarla Tibbitts, CEO
Job hunts are often frustrating for new as well as experienced candidates. Even a highly qualified individual gets lost in a sea of applicants and resumes. What exactly do these job seekers need in order to stand a chance to be noticed and interviewed by their coveted companies? On the other hand, how can employers save their time and resources spent in scanning thousands of candidate profiles and find a perfect match as soon as possible? A win-win situation for both these parties is what Texas-based Genesys Talent aims for! With a unique blend of proprietary technology and human touch, Genesys Talent provides a platform that reframes the way organizations engage talent. The company’s platform significantly reduces the time and human effort involved in talent sourcing and places candidates’ interests right at the center.

Genesys Talent automates the traditional sourcing processes and directly delivers a list of two to ten candidates who have opted in and are well-qualified to be interviewed. “For example, organizations generally have to first solicit information of hundreds of candidates, then shortlist those that meet the eligibility criteria, further narrow down the list for the interview stage, and ultimately make job offers to the most deserving individuals. We cut short this entire process,” adds Carla Tibbitts, CEO at Genesys Talent. The firm predominantly focuses on enhancing the quality of contingent workers and direct hire employees ranging from IT and business professionals to light industrial and engineering workers by eliminating various non-value added manual tasks in the sourcing process. Employers, staffing firms, and recruiters leverage Genesys Talent’s platform to not only hire candidates best suited for the job but also to showcase their flexibility in working with both direct hires as well as contingent workers.
At the same time, job seekers prefer the company’s platform for maintaining their online professional identity, which successfully assists them in securing medium to long-term non-traditional job contracts.

Although Genesys Talent places a major emphasis on automation, it doesn’t intend to entirely replace humans in the recruitment process. “Rather, the idea is to use technology to replace the time-consuming manual sourcing process and enable recruiters to focus more on the important tasks that need a human touch,” explains Price. From users’ perspective, employers upload job descriptions on Genesys Talent’s platform, and in less than an hour, they are provided with a list of available and interested candidates who are well-qualified for the job. The company’s process of connecting employers with fitting candidates relies on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML); recruiters merely have to contact and interview the shortlisted candidates.

The effectiveness and instantaneity of Genesys Talent’s platform can be illustrated with the company’s project for a large staffing firm. During the last summer’s hurricane and flooding in Texas, the client required to promptly set up a call center in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). With Genesys Talent’s assistance, the staffing firm hired 60 qualified candidates in just two days. A major contributor to Genesys Talent’s success in such projects is a 13-member team of veterans from the staffing industry. “We are passionate about creating an exceptional, high-value recruiting experience for both candidates and talent seekers. Our mission is to challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way people connect with work,” states Price. The company’s next area of focus is to enhance candidates’ experience throughout their job hunts. Providing users with a transparent source of contextually relevant data including marketplace benchmarks will help achieve realistic mutual expectations and better-aligned matches on both sides. Genesys Talent is also developing a job recommendation engine to constantly notify candidates about jobs that are precisely aligned with their skills and interests.

Genesys Talent envisions a highly networked, broader marketplace of employers including staffing firms and talent acquisition groups along with job seekers, which gives equal importance to work, lifestyle, as well as social value.