ESM Software Group: Guaranteeing Efficient Strategy Management

Kent Smack, President, ESM Software GroupKent Smack, President
Many businesses recognize strategy execution as a core driver of organizational performance. Yet many organizations still fail to deliver on their mission.

Although solution providers in the market have introduced a variety of performance appraisal products, many are complex to use or quickly become irrelevant to rapidly-changing environments.

ESM Software Group empowers firms to elevate employee performance with minimal training and zero configuration expenses. Based out of Lincoln, MA, ESM Software Group combines the power of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategy management framework, with easy-to-follow performance review templates. By integrating the Balanced Scorecard and performance reviews, leadership gains a unique ability to clearly communicate goals throughout all levels of an organization.

Leveraging the in-depth knowledge and research of strategy management best practices, ESM developed their flagship product ESM Strategy under the guidance of BSC and company founders, Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton.

The ESM suite is the next generation, cloud based software solution that defines organizational strategy management, creates strategic alignment, and helps execute strategy at both the corporate and individual level.

It is designed to help any organization quickly define their strategy through structured industry templates and coaching.

“We have been quick-thinkers in this space and ensure organizations can easily align employee goals to the strategy so that they can get to their first review and begin realizing benefits,” says ESM Software President, Kent Smack. “We see the industry shifting to more regular, lighter touch check-ins.”

“Unlike solutions from our counterparts, our cloud based offering is simple enough where it rapidly evolves with the industry trends and can be augmented in real time to cater to the specific needs of companies.”

ESM’s cloud based offering evolves with the industry trends and can be augmented in real time to cater to the evolving needs of companies

The ESM suite comprises a number of modules—‘ESM Evolve,’ ‘ESM Strategy,’ and ‘ESM Perform’ to help companies realize cumulative benefits from strategy management. On the functionality side of the ESM suite, organizations can access their latest data with real time Strategy Maps, dashboards, and full Balanced Scorecards, defining their organizations’ goals, measurements, and projects. Milestones and task breakdowns with clear accountability help firms better track the tactical implementation of strategy.

Additionally, the company provides a variety of executive education toolkits, web-based training and ESM FastTrack™, a blended coaching and technology offering that has enabled hundreds of customers achieve a sustainable reporting environment and stellar results.

The company’s offerings for strategy management find adoptions across many different use cases. For instance, a paper manufacturing enterprise was facing the problem of inconsistent scoring and sustainability within different employee groups owing to its cumbersome review process. By adopting ESM Perform, the customer was able to do regular systematic scoring within a matter of six months and had the process up and running by facilitating regular reviews. “We were able to drive the organization towards what we define as a healthy and successful employee performance management and governance process,” beams Smack.

With more than a decade of experience in the performance management market, ESM has enabled its clients to derive immediate and lasting improvements in processes and performance.

ESM Software Group continues to carve a niche for itself by rendering superior value in areas like employee reviews, employee performance management, relevance, and sustainability to its customers.