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Bill Blount, CIO, benefitexpressBill Blount, CIO
Since its inception, benefitexpress has always engaged a service-first approach and used its flexible technology to deliver unmatched benefits administration solutions to employers and their employees. “The main driving factor has always been client focus, and it is all about making our clients’ lives easier,” begins Bill Mayhew, chief technology officer at benefitexpress.

The entire team at benefitexpress is wholly dedicated to providing the best experience to its customers. The flexible and agile nature of the platform allows its client-facing staff to make changes for its clients without time-consuming updates. Built using a distributed architecture and deployed in Amazon Web Services with a highly available design, the software is designed to manage operations with millions of distinct clients with individual plans, procedures, and rules. Parallel processing, software, network and hardware redundancy, and distribution of processing to protect against network outages are all key to the platform’s availability and scalability.

During the pandemic, benefitexpress utilized its flexible system to help its clients navigate uncharted waters and demonstrate its role as a valued partner. This was made possible by the incredible support of its dedicated IT department, which ensured little to no interruptions to its workflow, including how the company interacted with and served its clients. “We are so proud of how well as a business we have adapted to work from home requirements while continuing to deliver industry-leading service to our clients,” states Mayhew. Throughout the pandemic, the company’s service-first mentality allowed it to solve problems quickly and effectively to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its clients. The firm’s customer care center continued to meet its ASA (Average Speed of Answer) metric without missing a beat even on the day benefitexpress transitioned to remote work for one of its clients.
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The client services team ensured timely fulfillment of the client’s changing needs, such as payroll files/ACA rules/census files, while the FSA administration team continued completing claims at record speed.

Our client focus has put us ahead of the competition

“Our client focus has put us ahead of the competition,” continues Mayhew. Moreover, the most significant differentiator is that the entire tenured team at benefitexpress boasts immense expertise and industry knowledge, enabling them to think holistically when crafting a solution. “When you look at the longevity of our client relationships, we have only lost one client to the competition in five years, and we have an over 90 percent client reference ability rate,” states Melanie Hallenbeck, chief growth officer at benefitexpress. The firm has created a niche in the market and caters to employers with 2,000 to 20,000 employees. benefitexpress believes in diversity, and not only does it have 63% women in its team, but women hold 60percent of its leading positions. In the last five years, the company has hired 118 people from within the industry and 85 from its top competitors. “We are focused on hiring the best person for the role,” adds Mayhew.

Recently, the firm has announced its acquisition by WEX, which will drive its future growth. benefitexpress is also rolling out new enhancements such as quick enroll option for passive enrollment, the redesign of dependent selection, new design standards across MyBenefitExpress (MBE), including an innovative chatbot. Further, the company will enrich its decision support solution, mobile app, and site analytics reporting. Additionally, benefitexpress will expand its offerings through the Benefitexpress Marketplace and via carrier and vendor partnerships. “We are also exploring opportunities to leverage the AI and the evolution of data, analytics and reporting,” concludes Mayhew.
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Bill Blount, CIO and Bill Mayhew, CTO

benefitexpress is a market-leading benefits administration solutions provider with first-class customer service, industry-leading technology and deep domain knowledge. The company engages a service-first approach and uses its flexible technology to deliver unmatched benefits administration solutions to employers and their employees