Benefit One USA: Employee Engagement Driven by Instant Recognition

Gift cards, salary hikes, and insurance benefits: companies rely on perks such as these to motivate and recognize their millennial workforce and yet these haven’t stopped them from jumping the ship frequently. Employers fail to comprehend that millennials yearn to understand the company’s culture and vision to align their professional goals with the company’s strategies. In today’s decentralized world, where a majority of the workforce coordinates with peers and the management remotely, the urge for instant recognition and engagement is higher than ever. Driven by the strong belief that effective employee engagement is critical for an organization’s growth, Benefit One USA is on a mission to enhance employee engagement and recognition and help companies save cost due to higher employee turnover.

At the heart of Benefit One USA’s disruptive approach is the intra-social recognition platform that implements a points-based incentive program. “We work with organizations, both big and small at all levels, to encourage growth and provide a centralized platform to incentivize peak performance through instant recognition,” begins Akinori Ukaji, President and CEO, Benefit One USA. “Our platform ensures even the remotest worker’s contribution is evaluated and rewarded in near real time.” The tool evaluates each employee based on the company’s personalized criteria and workflow. The reward points are given to employees by collecting data from various sources including badges, points, and messages. Through the intra-social media platform, the data is published on the company’s portal depicting the points earned by each employee. By recognizing the employees through instant feedback— via peer-to-peer recognition—for their contribution and making it visible to all the employees, companies benefit from highly motivated workforce and reduced percentage of attrition.

Additionally, while gift cards and cash have been traditionally reserved for top performers, Benefit One USA’s points-based criteria are designed to engage and motivate employees at all performance levels. The accrual of points over a period of time allows millennial workers to use them in several different ways which enhances their engagement levels. “Employees can spend the points however they wish; they can even exchange them for the rewards they want,” Ukaji points out.

Benefit One USA, a subsidiary of Benefit One, creates a win-win situation for both employees and organizations. While employees will be cognizant of the corporate strategy, culture, and vision which will allow them to have a clear roadmap for their professional growth and motivate them to contribute more to their jobs, organizations on the other hand can stratify their workforce based on their performance and behavioral attributes.

For instance, an international microprocessor company was challenged with using archaic methods of incentivizing employees that hindered employee engagement based on their job accomplishment. Benefit One designed an incentive criteria for job accomplishments so every employee was nominated to receive the award. Moreover, the traditional gift card was supplanted with points that brought in competitiveness in the workplace. In another case, a client leveraged Benefit One to implement peer-to-peer recognition in order to reduce the budget while improving the communication and recognition for millennials. The result: improved communication and reduced employee turnover, saving the client more than $450,000 in cost.

Employees can spend the points however they wish; they can even exchange them for the rewards they want

“We understand that every organization is different and has a unique culture, hence, we customize our platform to align with the strategic goals of each organization,” says Ukaji. Benefits One USA looks forward to provide more opportunities to drive communication and timely engagement of the millennial workforce in order to ensure a steady business growth.